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The Lost City of Atadia: Genesis Edition

Originally, Atadia was published in Thailand by our Founder as a hybrid book (half fiction, half nonfiction) about how to use data technologies like blockchain, artificial intelligence, and big data analytics more effectively AND more collectively.

We translated the fiction part into English and added all the Web3 & Solana culture flavors to it in the Genesis Edition.

At the core, the novel is all about struggles as the world transitions to Web3 and AGI. The novel explores the following competing forces that determine how data technologies are developed and used by humans.

  • Centralized vs. Decentralized.

  • Control vs. Freedom

  • Public vs. Private

  • Fate vs. Free will

  • Human condition vs. AI

  • Efficiency vs. Equity


It is the year 2054. Atadia is a society built around data-driven algorithms that promise to streamline humanity and bring prosperity to the masses. However, this dream quickly evaporated following the rise of popular autocrat Detha, who championed extreme centralization, turned the city’s algorithms against its citizens and carved the ex-utopia into a surveillance state. In Detha’s Atadia, algorithms followed people’s every move, listened in on their private conversations, and persecuted protestors with devastating efficiency. The Lost City of Atadia is the tale of popular dissent and grassroots resistance to centralized tyranny—the story of a group called “The Protectors,” whose members fought to free Atadia from oppression and renegotiate humanity’s relationship with technology on humanity’s own terms.

How to order

Order the novel here.

This full English adaptation of the original novel also contains at least 30+ cameo appearances of your favorite/notable Solana NFT personalities, projects, and OG Atadians.

Genre: - Utopian Dystopia & Cyberpunk Magical Realism

Timeline & Universe: - The advent of the City of Atadia started thousands of years ago with the rise of Mu Civilization - OG Atadians were born in 2022 and share the same timeline we’re in - The story in The Lost City of Atadia takes place in the future (2054 to be exact, the same year CryoStaked OG Atadians will be awakened)

You’ll enjoy this if you love … - Books like 100 Years of Solitude, The Sandman, Snow Crash - Shows like Altered Carbon, Westworld, Black Mirror - Flipping jpegs

Endorsements from our good frens 👇

“An adventure through the technology at our door to understand freedom, and how urgent it is to build a good Atadia “

Forrest Galt

“The Lost City of Atadia serves as a powerful warning of when politicians realize that algorithms control the world and can reprogram people in a subtle way.”


“A masterpiece I enjoy reading before I upload myself”


“A thoughtful and beautifully written story that uses a dystopian future soaked in the brine of too much technology as a perfect counterpoint to express that what really matters is each other.”

Mercury Prime

“Data is a powerful tool and the story of Atadia shows the potential dangers of centralizing this vast information. A heartwarming story that brings in cultural references from our decentralized ecosystem. Entertaining, thoughtful, and engaging!”


That’s right, the Atadian culture starts with getting into the story, think about the world around you, enjoy our merch 👀, champion our values, and find more frens to join our family.

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