๐Ÿ”ฎOur Thesis

We believe in 3 major trends.

  1. Web3 has the power to disrupt how capital and data are accessed, distributed, and traded.

  2. Artificial Intelligence has the power to sift through loads of data, detect patterns, and generate amazing outcomes to the objectives we set.

  3. The two technologies will eventually converge and create massive synergies.

Permissionless, decentralized networks and public transaction records help lay the foundation that can enable the next chapter of AI.

We believe that the world where Web3 and AI are fully developed and utilized together may not be as far away as we may all think.

Did you think humanity would have a fully functional DEX with almost zero fees or a conversation with hyper-intelligent, human-like chatbot in 2023? The world we envision might even be within the next decade (or sooner).

As Web3 achieves more tech breakthroughs, regulatory improvements, and trust, we take the view that significantly more liquidity in the capital and financial markets will move on-chain. Investors and businesses will eventually be able to access a much wider and deeper pool of capital that meet their preferences.

Outside of capital and financial markets, these efficiency and equity improvements will also give rise to a far more superior analytics-enabled data infrastructure. We see the future where any online business can utilize user data even if itโ€™s the first visit. Consumers will finally be fairly compensated their data footprints and businesses will no longer need to rely on a handful of data giants.

The shift will be orchestrated by on-chain data and AI agents.

This all will take time, as most major macro shifts do.

As the world gradually transitions, Atadia seeks to empower individuals and businesses with our AI-based core capabilities and products, one block and one AI model at a time.

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