Vision OG Atadians

  1. Vision OG Atadians 2023 (VOGA'23) are special NFTs that function like "bonds."

  2. VOGA'23 NFTs emit $ATA based on a different emission schedule.

  3. Only those who chose to CryoStake their OGAs back in October 2022 can claim VOGA'23

  4. BUT...anyone can buy VOGA'23 listed on secondary

How to claim VOGA'23 if you chose to CryoStake back in October 2022

VOGA'23 Token Emissions

Please refer to the schedules below.

Approximately 30% of OG Atadians NFTs were CryoStaked for 32 years. They will be awakened again in the year 2054.

If you CryoStaked and think you won't be around in 32 years, please let the team know so we can contact the next of kin.

*Atadia does not encourage actual cryonics technology for this purpose.

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