NeoAtadians (NATD)

These are the future citizens of Atadia

The Basics

Collection: NeoAtadians (NATD) Supply: 2,000 out of 10,000 total supply were minted.
Art style: Pencil drawing PFP, cleaner, happier, relatable, more human looking
Art Reveal: End of March 2023
Not to be confused with VOGA'23, NATD is our new collection (you can call it 2nd collection).

NFT & Token Mechanics

A. Unlock & Burn 🔥

Each NATD comes with its own pre-determined $ATA allocation and Unlock Date (when they can unlock the $ATA entirely).
Once the Unlock Date arrives, holders have a choice to wait or release all the tokens stored in the NATD.
Once $ATAs are released, your dear NATD perishes in flames 🔥 (essentially the NATD is burned on-chain and the now unlocked $ATAs show up in your wallet).
Unlock & Burn is inspired by our lore. In the Lost City of Atadia, Atadians are all born with predetermined "death dates" that are all algorithmically determined. While some choose to face fate, some brave Atadians choose to defy it. The choice is yours!

B. Credit Line 💳

Each NATD can be used to increase your credit line when you borrow from the Lending Lab.
Just commit them, extend your credit line, borrow money, and repay with interest. Simple as that.
When you come back to pay interest and the principle, take your NATDs back.
If you default, your committed NATD(s) will be burned. Don't do it.