Tokens are central to Atadia, activities, and all the products that will ever come out

A Dual-Currency System

There are 2 currencies in Atadia: $ATA and $PTT.
The $ATA tokens (for The Atadians) will be the main ecosystem currency that users and OG Atadian NFTs holders use to interact with all things Atadia. Once live, you can swap $ATA for SOL, USDC, or any other tokens at Raydium.
The $PTT tokens (for The Protectors) are underground tokens with superior functionality when it comes to future mints and voting. In deep corners around Atadia, rumor has it that it's exceptionally hard to earn $PTT while still being alive...
The supply of $ATA is capped at 1,000,000,000.
The supply of $PTT is capped at 100,000,000.
This section outlines the high-level structure of our tokenomics. It is by no means final. But it should give you a clearer idea of what we're planning to do.

Earning and Spending Tokens

You can earn and spend the tokens through 3 channels.
A: Atadian products, services, and future mints
Our services will be payable with $SOL and $ATA. Paying with $ATA yields greater discount. Some exclusive services will only be payable with $ATA.
We aim to have future mints of product-specific NFTs be $ATA and $PTT exclusive.
B: Staking
Once staking is live, each OG Atadian NFT earns 80,000 $ATA in 2 years.
Depending on how the ARG unfolds, faction members can earn $ATA at a higher rate from a bonus $ATA allocation pool based on their contribution towards defeating Detha.
We also have a long-term staking program called "CryoStake" that will earn additional $ATA and $PTT from a reserved CryoStake pool (5% of $ATA supply and 25% of $PTT supply). CryoStake is "fatal" for your NFT. There will ever only be 1,000 frozen chambers available.
C: Turn-based, Lo-Fi, Co-Op ARG
The game is entirely optional and free-to-play.
Factions may win $ATA prizes, progress towards CryoStake innovation, and invest $ATA on offensive & defensive technologies in the fight against Detha. All Faction's $ATA invested in in-game technologies are forever burnt.
More on ARG in the next section.

$ATA Allocation Breakdown

Breakdown of $ATA allocations
Our thinking is we want to put our NFT holders first, reflecting in at least 50% of all $ATA going to NFT holders. 40% in the forms of staking emissions. 10% in the forms of ARG bonus at the ARG completion.
Team allocations of 13% are vested linearly with 12-month lockup period. Allocations for advisors are vested linearly for 9 months.
Public Sale IDO is planned to be held some time in 2022Q4 and the allocation is set to 7.5% of fixed supply.
Strategic reserve is there for additional talent acquisition and partnerships.


Uses of $PTT are specific. $PTT is used specifically for 1) future mints and 2) governance.
There are two ways to earn $PTT.
  1. 1.
    Convert $ATA to $PTT with a conversion rate
  2. 2.
    Earn 25,000 $PTT in 2 years through our CryoStake program (in addition to the $ATA set aside for it)
Any $ATA used in the conversion will be burnt.
Conversion rate is initially set at 100 $ATA to 1 $PTT.
While $PTT is being created, governance within AtaDAO will be based on NFT holding