OG Atadian NFTs

This Genesis Collection is our "pre-seed" round
4 Factions unite to fight against Atadia's Supervillain
The OG Atadians NFTs are the residents of Atadia, a fictional, post-singularity city in our founder’s novel. Supply: 5000
Mint Price: depending on market condition
Mint Date: Minted Holders receive 4 types of utilities:
  1. 1.
    $ATA utility token staking (50% of fully-diluted supply), think of these as ecosystem tokens and stake in Atadia
  2. 2.
    co-earn and co-drive our products through DAO voting (rev/profit shares and other modeling decisions)
  3. 3.
    turn-based, co-op alternate reality game within our Discord
  4. 4.
    pencil-drawn fine art PFP from award-winning illustrator who works with high-end luxury brands
When we say pencil-drawn, we really do mean it:
From a pencil to the Solana Blockchain
More on each utility in the following sections.