Unlocking hidden value from blockchain data to enable better Web3 ecosystems
What is Atadia?
Trust and Reputation. Credit Scores. Consumer Preferences.
Familiar concepts IRL but nascent within Web3, and this is where Atadia comes in. Atadia began as a novel, blossomed into pencil-drawn NFTs, and has since evolved into a solid community. As a company powered by data science and crowd-sourced knowledge, we are your gateway into trust and commerce analytics for the Web3 economy.
We are building a collective analytics business with a mission to improve the functioning of Web3 ecosystems by harnessing the power of data science and wisdom of the crowd.
Our first product, “PFPscore,” is a scoring engine that combs through the Solana blockchain data and social graphs to capture trust, reputation, and credit worthiness of wallet users behind their favorite PFP NFT w/o forcing them to dox.
Our goal for PFPscore is to help enable new use-cases such as mint-now-pay-later, under/uncollateralized lending, hiring, pre/post rug investigations, verification checks and more.
Given our backgrounds in data-driven SAAS and public policy, our team believe in the following:
  1. 1.
    For PFPscore, there will be demand for trust-related services in addition to trustless protocols
  2. 2.
    Raw blockchain data is underutilized and there will be demand for data brokerage services to support decision-making beyond investing/flipping use-cases
  3. 3.
    Data science, AI, and Advanced Analytics can be done better AND fairer through collectivity whether done through shares ownership (NFTs and $ATA) or through our DAO
The core bet on Atadia is whether one or all of the above comes through and our team executes.
Both the NFTs and $ATA tokens will be central to all future products that come out of Atadia.
The lore, alternative reality game, and cipher hunts, are designed to engage the community and self-select data-minded individuals to help us drive this vision.
While our initial focus is on trust-related use-cases, we designed our data science roadmap to be flexible enough to quickly penetrate into other areas such retail and metaverse plays when the need for such data brokerage services emerges.