Reputation Protocol

A trust and reputation scoring engine that enables new forms of lending and beyond
“PFPscore” is a scoring engine that captures and quantifies an individual's reputation and credibility through the lens of data, both on-chain and off. Operations initially exist only on the Solana blockchain.
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The case for a reputation scoring engine

Trust is a fundamental element in any well-functioning society. It is what allows the economy and society to grow and keeps interactions between parties safe and efficient. In nerd-speak, trust is the essential currency in what we call "incomplete contract" situations.
Our goal is to make PFPscore capable of powering any interaction that requires trust in Web3's "trustless" environment.
While lending is a natural use-case where interactions can be enhanced, applications of PFPscore can traverse beyond the credit industry. Dive deeper into PFPscore's potential use-cases here.

A hybrid approach

Our approach is to combine AI-enabled statistical techniques proven in the alternative lending space IRL with the power of community.
Alternative lending is a lending practice where underwriting is powered by alternative credit information, i.e. a set of information that indicates someone's credit worthiness but was previously under-utilized.
IRL examples include your online/offline shopping behavior, telco usage, utilities payments, and even HR data. We're now extending our reach into the realms of on-chain data.
Our vision for all of Atadia's analytics initiatives is that we will try to do this as collectively as possible. PFPscore is no different and we hope that our trust oracle reflects that vision. Go here to see why we've chosen this approach.
Centralized analytics has its perks but our core bet is that collective analytics will triumph. Plus, it is way less creepy.