Empower pre-mint projects to allocate WL tokens based on user profiles
​Proof-of-Loyalty (PoLo) leverages gmDATA platform to allocate WL tokens to recipients based on their on-chain conduct.
After 100+ projects that have gone through PoLo, our most popular metrics are
  • Diamond Hand Score => minimizing the likelihood of immediate flip & dump
    • PoLo winners on avg. hold 2 weeks + longer than an avg. degen on Solana
  • Mint Lover Score => maximizing the likelihood of minting out
  • Custom => design whatever optimal rule you'd like!

How it works

Easy as pie
  1. 1.
    Projects list on PoLo & tell us their preferred audition metrics
  2. 2.
    PoLo users with Atadian Pass click "Apply"
  3. 3.
    Atadia chews glass then notifies users if they win WL tokens

Y00ts Case Study

If you're curious as to what on-chain analytics can help aid WL token allocation, check out our writeup on y00ts (most hyped mint of 2022) here.