Easy, simple, chain-agnostic Web3 user profile data platform, starting with Solana
In Web2, customers' profile data is usually kept, owned and monetized in isolation, exclusively by tech giants.
Web3 and open Layer-1 technologies have made this data much more "public" and available even to the smallest dApps and retail investors.
This technically means that user attributes and profiles should be able to flow more freely and efficiently. Businesses should not have to wait and grow user data from scratch. Customers should be able to port their digital footprints wherever and in their own terms.
However, anonymity, users' ability to generate multiple wallets, along with the complexity and unfriendly nature of on-chain data are standing in our way to glory...
gmDATA fixes that, starting with Solana.
We help anyone access these data or take actions based on them without having to chew glass.
  • Instant access to human-readable data in the format you are used to
  • Near-complete user profile, auto-linking all wallets that likely belong to your users via a machine learning model
  • Seamless plug and play to enable the many use-cases below 👇

Data delivery formats

Atadia currently provides flexible data delivery formats through gmDATA Platform.
  1. 1.
    One-time dump for custom job (live)
  2. 2.
    API services (live)
  3. 3.
    Dashboard (coming soon)

Full documentation

Will gmDATA eventually go multi-chain?