Atadian Pass

A gateway to building your Web3 identity and earn from the data you generate

What is an Atadian Pass?

The Atadian Pass is a soulbound token for identity management and personal data.
It is a true utility soulbound NFT to help you manage your Web3 identity, carry your data with you, and earn benefits from...just being you.
Quick Facts
✅ Benefits go beyond the Atadian ecosystem.
✅ EVERYONE should own one - no more, no less.
✅ ANYONE can own one - not just OG Atadian holders.
❌ This is NOT a 2nd collection.

Conceptual design & Web3 ethos

✅ Self-sovereignty but not entirely self-service
We believe that individuals should have sole and whole ownership and control of your chosen self and all of the credentials and benefits this confers.
✅ Decentralized but not disparate
While self-sovereignty in Web3 represents a quantum leap forward and liberation from the shackles of Big Tech and Web2, the nature of decentralization means that your reputation and preferences are by definition disparate, contextual, and community specific; the more communities in which you participate and have a vested interest (i.e. skin-in-the-game), the more fragmented and contextual your reputation qualities will be.
✅ Dynamic, collective, and non-transferable
Conduct may change through time but the 1:1 link between the digital footprints and the exact identity the data originated from must remain in tact.
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