Our Talents

Atadia is as strong as our team and our communit
We are a team of data scientists, developers, and economists who cut our teeth building data-driven products and solving the most challenging problems in various industries.
These are the types of projects/models our team built together in the past:
  • alternative credit scoring algorithms using telco data
  • credit decision engine algorithms using retail data
  • market surveillance detection (pump and dump, insider trading, and other forms of malpractice) with raw trading data and NLP methods based on social listening data
  • geospatial analysis and sales predictions for retail expansion
  • geoanalytics for real estate evaluation
  • demand forecasting for retail sales and commodities
  • accident risk prediction at road-time-of-day level
Everyone in our team has known and worked together for at least 4 years. We will also be hiring more talents.
Puppet (@puppetatadia) is the founder of Atadia. He has 10+ years of Big Data and AI experience in various industries from telco, capital market surveillance, and retail. His background is a PhD economist-turned-tech entrepreneur.
  • PW => Analytics Lead. manages all the data scientists and engineers. She holds a PhD in Industrial Engineering with a specialization in AI and NLP.
  • Bird Gerhl => Art Master. Award-winning international illustrator who specializes in pencil drawing and indian ink painting. She is inspired by nature and solitude. Her clients are top luxury fashion, health, and hospitality global brands.
  • Pain => Blockchain Dev Lead. Handles everything Web3 dev related tasks. A very cool guy.
  • Palm => BD & Data Scientist. Oversees Lending Lab analysis and portfolio management.
  • JenJurn => Operations & Strategy. Deadline master. Co-share sales & marketing with JarCS.
  • JarCS => Products & Partnerships. Jar-of-all-trades. Co-share sales & marketing with JenJurn.
  • IC => Data Infrastructure. Keeps gmDATA platform running. Nightowl we all love.
  • Mek => Data Scientist. Owns major algorithms like WoW and credit scoring
  • Tan => Data Scientist. Part-time gig with us to help on algorithm building.
  • Ty => Data Scientist. Market manipulation analysis and persona building.
  • aMericano => Frontend Dev. gmDATA dashboards
We are also joined by 7 Web3 team staff who help with collabs, alphas, and keeping Discord clean.