Our Talents

Atadia is as strong as our team and our communit
We are a team of data scientists, developers, and economists who cut our teeth building data-driven products and solving the most challenging problems in various industries.
These are the types of projects/models our team built together in the past:
  • alternative credit scoring algorithms using telco data
  • alternative credit scoring algorithms using retail data
  • credit decision engine algorithms using retail data
  • market surveillance detection (pump and dump, insider trading, and other forms of malpractice) with raw trading data and NLP methods based on social listening data
  • geospatial analysis and sales predictions for retail expansion
  • geoanalytics for real estate evaluation
  • demand forecasting for retail sales and commodities
  • accident risk prediction at road-time-of-day level
Everyone in our team has known and worked together for at least 4 years. We will also be hiring more talents.
Our company is fully dedicated to this project as it is the only thing we will be working on after mint.
  • Tech entrepreneur with 10+ yr exp in analytics solutions, serving clients with combined market cap of over $15Bn in the fields of alternative credit, fraud detection, and retail.
  • Wrote “Lost City of Atadia” but excited to see how you all will rewrite it
  • Ph.D. in Applied Economics with a focus on data-driven public policy and welfare
Art Master:
  • Award-winning illustrator specialized in nature-inspired pencil drawing
  • Her international clients include Louis Vuitton, The Ritz-Carlton‎, L’OCCITANE en Provence, and Crabtree & Evelyn to name a few
Analytics Lead:
  • Ph.D. in AI engineering with 8+ yr exp, specialized in predictive modeling and NLP
  • 3+ yr exp in leading data-driven Product Owner role
Lore Master:
  • Hardcore gamer (Team Fortress 2, Overwatch, Minecraft, CS:GO, Pokemon).
  • Loves writing, reading, and wrote a novel as a teen.
  • A huge physics nerd that geeks out over quantum computing.
  • 2 devs working together for 4+ years
  • Can also do ML and Deep Learning
Data Scientists and Data Engineers:
  • 2 Data-minded talents working together for 4+ years
  • All have built products and worked on multiple engagements together
PM / Communications / BD:
  • A team of 3 economists based in Asia and Europe
  • All can also do data science
  • ex-Buddisht monk NLP god, Google Colab top contributor, and crypto value investor
  • Experienced NFT investor from ETH space
  • ex-Head of Product who built Telco alternative lending from scratch