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Why gmDATA?

In Web2, customers' profile data is usually kept, owned and monetized in isolation, exclusively by tech giants. Web3 has made this data much more "public" and available even to the smallest dApps.
This means you can now leverage anything from users' financial health, investment preferences to day-to-day preferences based on purchases and dApp interactions for a better lead generation, profit-enhancing personalization or even simply for a better understanding of your customers.
However, anonymity, users' ability to generate multiple wallets, along with the complexity and unfriendly nature of on-chain data are now standing in your way to glory...
gmDATA fixes that.
Our APIs let you know more about ANY wallet address on Solana, offering you:
  • Instant access to human-readable data in the format you are used to - tables
  • Near-complete user profile, auto-linking all wallets that likely belong to your users via a machine learning model
  • Seamless plug and play

Data Overview

The data we provide will be available in three layers of details:
Level of Detail
Current Status
You input a wallet address, we return its information
  • More to be added
  • Open to custom enterprise requests
Two formats: 1. You input a list of wallets (up to 5) known to be owned by the same user, we return the user's information 2. You input one wallet, we return the user's information based on a list of wallets auto-linked statistically by our algorithm
1 - Available 2 - Coming soon
Community/ dApp-level
Aggregated holders information visualized on dashboards tailored for: 1. Retail investors 2. Community manager
Coming soon, subscription-based access

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Need other information not provided here?

In our journey to understand our clients' needs, we try to accommodate custom requests as much as possible. Drop an email to [email protected] and let us know what you are after!
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